So ive wanted to start a youtube channel for a really ling time now.. Idk. Im scared people from my school will find it and i will get judged:( should i?

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Hey guys!(: so i have a tumblr now so if you want to check that out my user is lastplace00 . Also im sorry i never posted the Tarte Bow & Go review! It will be up by sometime tonight! Xoxo


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Dark Lips!

I have been loving the dark lip look lately! It can take any natural look to bold and exciting! My personal favorites have been:

Tarte Lip Surgence in Promise… Unfortunatly you cannot buy this by itself. It comes in a kit called Tarte Bow & Go 3-in-1 kit and it is $55 but if you get it from the tarte website and it is your first time ordering then you can sign up and you get 20% off! ($44) The code will be in your email.  I will be putting up a review up that kit soon (hopefully tonight!). 

tarte lip promise

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo. This is an amazing lip gloss and tint! It is so pigmented just like all the other soft matte lip creams. It can be slightly drying depending on if you have chapped lips or not. But overall it is an amazing product!



Revlon Just Bitten Kissables in Adore. This is also a great lip tint! It is very creamy and pigmented.

revlon lip adore

Let me know what your favorite lips colors are! Maybe I will try them out! Thank you for reading(: Bye! xoxo

Celeb Look For Less: Naya Rivera

Hey guys! This is my first post and omg i am so excited to finally have a blog of my own! Ahhh! So for my first post i thought i would do a Celeb Look For Less. Today i chose Naya Rivera from Glee because i think she is absolutely gorgeous and her style is flawless!


I really love this outfit because it looks completely comfortable to shop in and it is also chic so lets get started shall we?

First thing i looked for was her White Lace Top. I found a pretty close dupe at

White Lace Crop Top

Next i looked for her Black Skinny Jeans. These were not very hard to find seeing as skinny jeans are pretty much an essential in everybody’s closet! I found a great deal on them at

F21 black skinnies


Then i searched for her coat. This took me practically FOREVER! I could not find a light tan knee length coat anywhere! They were all either from Ebay or they looked like a Castiel trench coat. (Holla if you get that reference! If you do then i automatically love you<3) So after a half hour of searching i decided to pick another coat that i thought would look good that the other peices. I came across a Gray Coat from If you can find a jacket that looks close to hers and is a reasonable price please let me know and i will revise the post(:

gray coat


Next i looked for her heels. Once i saw this pair i instantly loved them! They are so cute and chic! These Black Heels come from

Black Heels


Lastly i found the perfect Sunglasses! I am really loving them circle sunglasses trend! I cant wait to get some! They come from and they are very affordable!

Black sunglasses

Thank you for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it(: If you did please like this post so i will know to do more posts like this! Thanks! I love you all<3 Bye!!

If you have questions or ideas for what i should do next let me know by emailing me at!! xoxo